Carole Guilbaud

Head of Marketing

Born in the Alps, Carole is a long time ride addict. When she was only ten, she was enlisted in national snowboard competitions. That's also when she asked for her first beer to her parents (alcool free the story says...) Ever-since, beer and mountain were deeply rooted in her DNA. Entrepreneurial by nature, she opened a Ski Club to teach young adults how to ski. As a hobby, she strolls across beer festival and slowly becomes a beer geek.

In 2012, she's offered a marketing position in a young french craft brewery in Paris, but the starts missing the Alps, and all the exploration that it offers. At the end of 2015, she takes a train to Martigny and meets the small team. That brewery is like Cinderella's glass shoe. A perfect fit.

She now lives in Verbier, sharing her time between climbing, snowboarding and skiing, mountain biking and craft beers.

"I try a new beer at least once a day, each one is an opportunity to sharpen my tasting skills."

Favourite beer: Deep dark Imperial Stout with a green coffee note
First beer brewed: Christmas Pale ale with juniper
Favourite Hops: Sorachi

Motto: Ciao les nazes, je me casse au soleil.