Gabrielle Takata

Brand ambassador Swiss German

A mother from Valais, a Japanese-American father and raised in the Berner

After her intensive gastronomic studies, she absolved in the Berner Oberland. Shevspent several years in the City of Berne. However, the lake and the Alps were missing and, as it happens so often in life, if you stay positive, a door opened. She got the chance to help build up a new gastronomic project at the border of the beautiful Lake of Thun, where she grew up. After a few very good years and winning friends for life, she decided to go for something new and worked in an administrative position for one year. She did learn a lot and again found friends for life, but the customer contact and the diversity were missing, also the gastronomic scene with its tastes, novelties, trends and characters were missing. And then again, at the right moment a door opened, namely the door leading to Whitefrontier. As a passionate snowboarder, half Valaisanne and CraftBeer enthusiast, she couldn't resist stepping over that doorstep where she was welcomed by a hearty team with open arms.

Motto: Life is too short to not enjoy it !