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WhiteFrontier, it’s the limit you cross when you get into the unknown, when you get that blank slate where everything is possible. Inspired by the great outdoors,we partner with sports professionals and support sporting events that are close to our core values: exploring the world while having fun doing so. All those places and experiences, we believe that they deserve their own craft beer. Nested in the heart of the Swiss Alps at the strategic crossing between France, Italy and Switzerland, the Craft Brewery was built with efficiency in mind from day one.

The facilities are built within one of the best bottling and logistics platform of Valais, and shares a lot of the infrastructure with the wine industry. Equipped with a BrauKon Brewery, focus was driven to giving our brewing team a tool that will help them in perfecting their craft in a meaningful way. Trying to keep the innovation cycle short, WhiteFrontier is equipped with an unusual cellar space as well as a pilot kit for crazy experiments.


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Rue du Levant 99 CP 159,
CH - 1920 Martigny 1
+41 27 775 69 18

An experience center is being built at the moment to welcome people in the best possible way and bring them on a beer tasting adventure.

In the meantime, tours can be organised on demand, for a minimum of 10 people where you’ll learn about the brewing process, taste some beers, and chat with our team about the passion for craft beer. Just pick a date in the dropdown below and tell us about your group.